JACBO piles are used for load removal in deeper ground areas. As regards the place of manufacture, a distinction is made between ready-made, local and mixed piles. Corresponding to the direction of the load component in the axial direction of the pile, one separates between pressure and tension piles.

Friction piles carry the loads mainly on the load-bearing layers due to sheath friction at the pile circumference. Top pressure piles transfer the loads mainly to the ground by peak pressure. Drilling piles can also be distinguished according to the position of the load-bearing layer.

Subsoil improvement

If the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil is insufficient, the foundation of the pile is also improved by the improvement of the ground to reduce the settling potential. In this case, the ground is patterned with JACBO-X and / or JACBO-V elements. This results in improved stiffness over the entire surface of the existing ground.

If flat loads are to be removed under the floor plate as well as large single cells under the supports, the combination of both methods is often appropriate. This combined start-up variant is available from JACBO from a single source.