Subsoil improvement element according to DIN EN 14679. Manufactured in the process of deep soil stabilization. Diameter 0,40 - 1,00 m.

The soil is thereby mixed in situ with a cement suspension and, depending on the application, with additional binders. A solidified column is formed. In addition to the pure improvement of the soil, it is also possible to manufacture retaining and sealing walls. In addition to the advantage that no soil is conveyed in the process, this method is extremely gentle since a hydrostatic pressure builds up immediately in the column during sinking, resulting in relatively low voltage changes in the soil.


The JACBO-V full displacement drilling pile can also be used as a subsoil improvement element.

The difference to the pile foundation consists in the design approach as an improvement element, which strengthens the layers of the foundation. Full displacement drill pile according to DIN EN 12699. Pile diameter 0,30 - 0,50 m. The displacement body is rotated into the ground by means of high insertion force and high torque. Subsequently, the displaced volume is concreted when pulling the tool by means of the pumping system closed from the concrete pump to the pile foot. The reinforcement can be installed analogously to JACBO-O or JACBO-B.