Company Profile

JACBO's core competencies are in drilled pile foundations for all requirements and loads.

Regardless of the construction project for which a secure foundation is required – from single-occupancy houses and industrial buildings through to traffic engineering projects: Our experience and expertise support you during all the phases of the project. We implement all your requirements precisely and reliably.

Our work is based primarily on the vibration-free and time-saving partial-displacement auger drill technique. We also provide other types of pile drills with various diameters and areas of application. Our flexible solutions will be adapted to your construction project and the conditions at the construction site in order to achieve the best possible results.

Know-how and years of experience

JACBO full-displacement machines are being increasingly used as foundation piles or as a supplement to our deep soil mortar technology as a foundation for subsoil improvement.
Our flexible solutions are tailor-made for your building project in order to achieve the best possible results.

JACBO Pfahlgründungen GmbH has offices in Schüttorf, Schwerin, Cologne and Augsburg

JACBO Pfahlgründungen GmbH
Head Office: Schüttorf